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April 29, 2008

Announcing Dingus CMS

Filed under: CMS, CakePHP, MySQL — Doug Hays @ 11:20 am

We have written a very basic CMS system (just like everyone else has) that we use on a handful of our clients’ websites. We wanted a CMS system that was:

  • Easy to deploy
  • Simple to re-skin when provided an HTML/CSS design
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Easy enough that non-technical people could administer the content of the site
  • Lightweight enough so that the system could be the foundation of a larger application or website
  • Built using CakePHP and MySQL

After looking around the web for 5 minutes, and not finding anything, we decided to build it ourselves. So, here it is, Dingus CMS.

In order to install and use Dingus CMS:

  1. You’ll need a basic PHP/MySQL/Apache environment. (Note: PHP 5 is recommended and Apache needs mod_rewrite)
  2. Download the source.
  3. Extract the source into the document root of your website. Note that the app, cake, docs, etc… directories should be at the root of your site
  4. Configure the database connection in app/config/database.php
  5. Run the SQL in sql/dingus_cms_db_setup.sql
  6. Go to http://localhost and you should be up and running!

Note that Dingus CMS comes with built-in search and site map pages available at http://localhost/search.html and http://localhost/site-map.html

Finally, you may be wondering what a Dingus is. You’ll have to stay tuned for a full explanation.

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