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September 27, 2007

An idea to last

Filed under: Flex — Doug Hays @ 3:20 pm

Now that I have my little AIR application, I need to follow through to the point where it can be added to my client’s internal toolset.

Here’s a rough shot at how I’ll do that (this is really for my client only but feel free to play along):

  • Enable Flex-side login into the application via SOAP (if necessary)
  • Add an image browser to allow for easy selection of thumbnail and detail image
  • Take the key pieces of activity data and create an activity with an exsiting web service call
  • Shoot the user over to the Activity Wizard. (Interesting hurdle here… how do I send the user from my AIR app to a URL inside of a browser?)
  • Reset the Scaper to allow for the creation of the next activity

Once that is in place, the following features can be added

  • Selection by the user of additional activity fields to scrape off the page
  • Full integration of the Activity Wizard. So the user doesn’t actually exit the AIR app, the AIR app contains the ‘Wiz
  • Addition of some versioning for the AIR utility (would allow for easy software updaets). This is more as a proof-of-concept since this tool is an internal tool.

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